Hello, and welcome to our website. We are available in 2 varieties, check out details below.

Key Lime Pi are a 9 piece Ska/Funk/dance band based in Hampshire. With a 4 piece brass section, killer vocals and a 2 bass fuelled kick ass rhythm section, you are gonna be on your feet! With tunes from The Specials, Herbie Hancock, The Skatallites and many more, we are perfect for any festival, party, wedding, pub or wherever there is a desire to DANCE.

Key Lime Pi Marching Band will add drama, colour, fun and a pounding brass fuelled beat to any festival, carnival or outdoor event. Check out the you tube clip on the right. 

EMAIL  keylimepiband@gmail.com


Key lime pi  https://www.facebook.com/keylimepiband/

Marching band  https://www.facebook.com/KeyLimePiSkaMarchingBand/